Difference Between Overcoat and Trench Coat – Which Makes Personality The Most

What is Coat?

The coat is a garment that covers from neck to the whole body, half body, full sleeves, without sleeves, open from the front and has buttons, zips, belt, etc. for closing it.

The coat is a fashionable product that can be wearer by both men or women. Any person looks good in coat.

There are different types of coats available in the market that are:

  • Trench Coat
  • Overcoat
  • Covert Coat
  • Duffel Coat
  • Pea Coat
  • Rain Coat
  • Parka Coat

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Today we will discuss about the difference between Overcoat and Trench coat and which makes personality the most.


Blue Long Overcoat with Peak Lapels

The overcoat is the long type coat that covers the whole body of the person. The overcoat is the outermost garment that covers us all over clothes. Overcoat comprises two types of coats, i.e. topcoat & overcoat. They are made of heavier cloth & fur.

Overcoats are heavy coats that are of 3rd of fourth-quarter length or full length. It’s warmness helps us to protect from cold winds & also its warmness inside become more warm in the cold weather of wind.

Double-faced overcoats is made of double-faced fabric – either monochrome or two-tone – which gives this long coat warmth and volume.

When wearing an overcoat man looks great in this personality. The overcoat is the coat that can be designed in such a way that anyone can wear it; it may be men or women.

Overcoats include the coats that may be of three-quarter length, some having a collar or no collar. New trends of overcoats consist of wool, leather, made of single or double-faced fabric that adds warmth and volume to this long coat.

Trench Coat

Women's Long Trench Coats Burberry

The overcoat is the long type coat that covers the whole body of the person. On the other side trench coat is one of the types of overcoat.

Trench coat is made of lighter cloth & fur. Trench coats are lighter coats that are smaller length. Women looks great in trench coat as it gives them a fashion statement.

The trench coat is the coat that can be designed in such a way that anyone can wear it; it may be men or women.

A classic men’s trench coat is a neutral overcoat that combines with different looks. A gray khaki trench, black or dark gray trench coat is a universal piece that goes well with business attire. Men’s trench coats usually have epaulettes on their shoulders, a decorative piece of fabric usually fastened with buttons, and a waist belt that can be cinched to ensure the safety of the coat.

Trench coats are suitable for both business casual and professional attire, as they offer a more beautiful look than other overcoats. Wear one over a suit or team with a pair of dresses and leather loafers for a modern feel.

Trench coats are shorter, water-resistant, & etc. Especially they are designed for soldiers that are stitched by tailors, and after that, they come to everyone, and everyone start wearing it.

Trench coats mainly include the coats that may be or double-breasted, three-quarter length, full cut, water-resistant, wool, leather, coordinating belt & etc.


In my views the trench coat is suitable for women & overcoat is suitable for men. But they are not specified as both men & women can wear it.

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