Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Two Pocket Fitted Lab Coat Review

A laboratory coat, lab coat or white coat is an important piece of clothing for medical professionals, healthcare professionals and medical professionals working around hazardous chemicals. Laboratory coatings are specifically designed to provide protection from accidental spills of chemicals and other hazardous substances. Modern lab coat features comfortable and performance.

Grey's Anatomy Women's Two Pocket Fitted Lab Coat

Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Two Pocket Fitted Lab Coat Review

It comes with 55% Polyester and 45% Cotton and you can wash it with machine. It has three-button front closure and two pockets with button/tab detail.

Things You Need to Know About Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Two Pocket Fitted Lab Coat

What Size Should You Buy for 5’6 and 125 lb?


I want this lab coat to be Embroidered?

Well, you need to find a local embroiderer or search Online make sure you read the reviews first about the embroider company.

Do the sleeves have a lining to hold the sleeves?

Lab Coat

Nothing to hold the sleeves, but you can lay down about an inch and stayed in order.

If you are 5’7 “and 210 pounds of what size should you get?


How can you compare the European size and yours?

European size 4, and you need to bought XS. It fits well into enough space to move your hands! ,

Is it machine washable?


If you are 6’0 and weighing 224 kg.?

You need to get an XL size.

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