Medline Women’s Full Length Lab Coat Review

Lab coats and coats are useful for us in every field to show our professionalism. Finding the right lab coat can lead you to many places and different purchasing loops. In different areas of work, for business and non-commercial concerns, lab coats are used by workers, professionals and technical personnel.

Professional lab coats are the main staple that seems to be a very knowledgeable expert. There are many different professions that require wearing of the latter. Doctors, scientists, dentists and many others use a lab coat to mark their professionalism.

Medline Lab Coat

Medline Women’s Full Length Lab Coat Review

It comes with 80% polyester/20% Cotton and imported fabric manufactured in Mexico.

Things You Need to Know About Medline Women’s Full Length Lab Coat

What is size 1E?

Size IE is the chest size with 33-35 inches.

Can you give a measurement for different sizes? I’m 5’5 “113lbs
It should be on your knees and in terms of how it fits you, it will fit, its size will be large.

How big is the medium?

If you are 6’1, you usually wear medium, but which better to buy? We know that medical scubs/clothes can be small. This is quite true in size.

Is the lab 100% cotton?
Of-course, it is!

Is the coat completely white or does it come with a black patch on the front left pocket?

Its all white no flap at all. It has something belt type to tighten the waist. The sleeves are a little longer, but they do the job as a laboratory coat.

Does it wrinkle free or does it need to be ironed?
Ironing is necessary!

What size is suitable for 2E?
5″5, 132lbs

What are the sizes of the bottom pockets?
6 1/2 inches wide by 7 inches on size 1E

What size are the pockets?
A typical size for lab coat can hold a stethoscope and a phone in the same pocket.

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